Center of the Universe, Anaheim, California, Meridian Custom Steel, itch RubinWhat Meridian Steel fabricators can do for you:

• Fabricate and Manufacture your Custom Steel Designs
• Order, cut, and install a broad range of glass including laminates, single glaze and insulated
• Provide all Installations
• Create finely crafted Finish-Work


Our crew of highly trained Craftsmen have 23 years experience and the creativity to make custom design work enhance any architectural theme.

Meridian will adapt your architectural plans and renderings into CAD driven shop submittals to engineer and calculate a functional custom steel and glass operating system tailored to your needs.

Mitchell Rubin, founder and CEO, has the knowledge and experience to assist you with any aspect of planning and ordering your steel windows and doors. His personal approach to business, creativity, and attention to detail result in a handcrafted product like no other. Mitchell makes it a point to personally oversee jobs from onset to completion.

What Meridian Custom Steel Fabricators can do for you:

  • Fabricate and Manufacture Your Bespoke Steel Designs
  • Provide Glasswork, Treatments and Custom Steel Finishes
  • Provide all Installations
  • Create finely crafted Finish-Work